Some questions some answers

How can I schedule a tour with Whispering Hearts?

Schedule a tour by contacting Lauren at (513) 383-3067.

What is the rental time for the day of the event?

Typical rental is 9 am to 11 pm but can vary, depending on availability and other events.

Is there staff on site the day of my event?

A staff member will be onsite. Staff levels may change depending on customer request.

Will the restrooms and trash be serviced during my event?


Is there a setup/breakdown in the rental fee?

Customer can pay a fee or elect to do their own setup/breakdown.

Do you provide table linens?

No, the customer or their catering vendor will need to supply table linens.

What is your policy on alcohol?

Customer or their vendor will supply any alcohol and a certified bartender.

Is there a built-in bar?

Both outdoor and indoor venues have designated bar areas.

Can I bring any caterer I want?

Yes, as long as the caterer provides proof of liability insurance.

Are there any limitations on what the caterer can do on site?

Food must be prepared offsite. Warming ovens and a refrigerator are available onsite.

Do you provide an Officiant or can I find my own?

Please refer to our vendor list.

Is Whispering Hearts Handicap Accessible?

Yes, we are handicap accessible.

What are the rules for hanging decorations?

Command strips are allowed to be used on walls. No tape, glue, or nails are allowed.

Do you allow open flame candles?

No open flame candles are allowed, only battery-operated candles.

What time do we need to start packing everything up?

Tear-down starts at 11 pm, and everyone must be out no later than midnight for evening events. Otherwise, as stated in the contract.

Are audio-visual accommodations provided?

The indoor venue will have state-of-the-art audio/visual.

Is there a noise ordinance we should be aware of?

Noise levels are specified by Warren County and are spelled out in the contract.

Do you require liability insurance?

Customers/vendors must provide proof of liability insurance as stated in the contract.

Do you require a contract to reserve the event date?

Yes, customers must sign a contract and put down a deposit to reserve the date.